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Elfin Goes For Gold In 50th Year

Australia’s legendary sports car maker, Elfin, will kick off its golden anniversary celebrations this year by unveiling a limited-edition model – including a one-off supercharged bitumen burner for the track – at the 2007 Melbourne International Motor Show.

Elfin Sports Cars will build just five of the 50th Anniversary collector’s cars, each equipped with special features and painted in a unique colour called ‘Cooper Gold’ – named in honour of Australian racing driver Garrie Cooper who laid the foundations for Elfin back in 1957.

One of the specially handcrafted 50th Anniversary Streamliners will be equipped with an optional supercharger fitted by Elfin’s new sister company, Walkinshaw Performance, lifting the already scintillating performance to new levels.

Power from the 5.7-litre Gen III V8 is expected to be boosted to at least 350kW at 5600rpm, with peak torque of about 660Nm at 4400rpm. The V8 Elfin is already classed as one of the fastest accelerating road cars in the world, the special show car will have the capacity of reaching 100kmh in the 3 second bracket, and shares the same power to weight ratio as a V8 Supercar.

Elfin Sports Cars CEO Chris Payne said the Elfin 50th Anniversary model would honour the vision of Garrie Cooper and the achievements of the company he created.

"Elfin is now the oldest continuous sports car maker in Australia, and the most successful," he said. "It’s efforts on the track, winning 29 championships and major Grand Prix titles, speak for themselves."

"Now backed by the power of Walkinshaw Performance, Elfin is going from strength to strength, with tremendous products, a newly-appointed dealer network with representation in every state plus New Zealand, and well-advanced plans for exports to the UK."

"Garrie Cooper would have been thrilled to see his vision come so far. It’s the beginning of the process to make Elfin an international sports car brand. By 2008, we would hope to be exporting more vehicles than we sell domestically."

"Two Elfin MS8s have been air-freighted to the UK for export evaluation and sales homologation, and an office had been established at Chipping Norton, north of London.

Payne said Elfin’s point of difference in the UK market was its big V8 power, producing supercar-like performance. UK deliveries are expected to begin in time for the European summer, and the company will announce shortly the appointment of at least two Vauxhall Dealers to act as Elfin Agents.

He said the export program was just one of the benefits of the marriage of Walkinshaw Performance and Elfin in its first 60 days.

The first priority has been to establish Elfin’s first national dealer network, which had been achieved. The second priority was to develop exports, which was well underway.

Elfin will have its own stand at this year’s Melbourne International Motor Show. The centre of attention will be the supercharged 50th Anniversary Elfin MS8 Streamliner, two of which have already been ordered by enthusiastic customers.

Said Payne: "This car is a good example of the benefits of technology sharing between Elfin and Walkinshaw Performance, which has launched a range of premium enhancement products. We had this synergy in mind when we bought Elfin last year."

Although only one of the five 50th Anniversary limited edition specials will be supercharged, all will feature a unique bonnet scoop which is designed to accommodate the Walkinshaw Performance supercharger atop the 5.7-litre V8.

The new removable hardtop is also now optional for Streamliner models, providing winter driving comfort and greater security. It will also greatly enhance the efficiency of the air conditioning in the Streamliner.

The scoop and the hard top design are based on theme sketches by ex Holden Design Director Mike Simcoe, from when he penned the original design for the Elfin MS8 models.

The 50th Anniversary Elfin MS8 has a contrasting premium burgundy trim with monogrammed headrests, and polished alloy wheels.

The 50th Anniversary Elfin MS8 Streamliner will retail for approximately $128,500, plus on-road costs. Supercharging is about $12,000 extra, depending on the level of mechanical enhancement required.

Road going Elfin Sports Cars can now be ordered through a new group of Elfin dealers in all states and New Zealand.